pinentry-gtk-2 dialog doesn't appear before getting input

Andreas Ronnquist gusnan at
Mon Dec 16 12:10:04 CET 2019

On Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:47:32 +0900
NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at> wrote:

>Andreas Ronnquist <gusnan at> wrote:
>> I have a problem on Debian unstable (running in Virtualbox), running
>> the Xfce desktop - 
>> I have my gpg key on a card (a Librem key, which basically is a
>> Nitrokey) when using pinentry to enter the card password, I first
>> have to press my mouse on the screen (or a key on my keyboard) to
>> make the password dialog appear.  
>I think that it's related to window manager.  For testing, you can
>manually invoke pinentry like:
>   $ pinentry                 # run pinentry by command line (-gtk2 or
> any) confirm                    # shows a dialog box
>   bye                        # finish the session
>   $ 

Thanks - that indeed runs just fine, and without the problems I

>Doing this makes it easy to identify a problem (from complicated
>interaction of gpg <-> gpg-agent <-> pinentry).
>> Is there any way to make the dialog appear at once, when it is ready
>> to take my passphrase entry, or some workaround of any kind?  
>It seems for me that:
>You can somehow control the behavior of the window manager.
>In its configuration by "Focus" tab in "Window Manager Tweaks":
>And/or the first entry of "Accessibility" tab which says "Raise windows
>when any mous button is pressed".
>Or "Focus" tab in "Preferences":
>Looking the commit log of xfwm4 (about "stacking"), it appears
>something has been changed.

You are right - I have the settings 

xfwm4/raise_with_any_button (disabled)
xfwm4/raise_on_focus (disabled)

but xfwm4/raise_on_click enabled in xfce4-settings-editor - this to be
able to scroll windows without focusing them.

It would be very nice if pinentry could ignore these settings and
always focus the entry window to avoid the problem I have.


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