Syncing GnuPG data between computers

Steve McKown rsmckown at
Tue Dec 31 23:46:27 CET 2019

I use different computers at different times, either my office computer
or one on-site provided by a customer.

I want to be able to propagate changes I make to GnuPG on one computer
to other computer I use, without resorting to duplicating the changes

I currently only manage one GnuPG identity, and its private key material
is stored on a smart card (Yubikey).  So I think I'm only caring about
other's keys, trust relationships, and the like.

I do this kind of thing for several data types today, for example my
"dot" files.  I use a 'master copy' scheme, where changes made on one
computer are "pushed" to the master copy, and other computers' copies
can be updated by "pulling" from the master copy.

A GnuPG example.  If I import, verify, and sign some new keys, I'd
"push" from that computer and then later "pull" from a different
computer so I could use those new keys there.

The GnuPG configuration files are simple enough, but the database files
are another story I imagine.

My search-fu keeps suggesting using gpg import and export, like:

Has anyone else done something like this?  Any references or suggestions
are appreciated.


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