New keyserver at - what's your take?

David david at
Tue Jul 2 12:18:33 CEST 2019

On 02/07/2019 03:44, Mirimir via Gnupg-users wrote:
> On 07/01/2019 07:29 AM, David wrote:
> <SNIP>
>> My take on all this is that I have had to disable Enigmail because it's
>> screwed - I was not able to send mail and all the settings in enigmail
>> were lots of ???????????? so I have been infected :(
>> David
> Damn. But all is likely not lost.
> If you can open Enigmail Preferences, go to the Keyserver tab, and
> specify only as the keyserver. That way, if you manage
> to fix gpg, Enigmail won't break it again. Also see "100% CPU usage
> endles loop of gpg --list-keys" <> for
> background.
> About hardening and fixing gpg, see
> <> at
> Mitigations and Repairs. Also see
> <>.
> You'll very likely need to use gpg in terminal. I suspect that GPA may
> be just as wedged as Enigmail.
> Maybe someone could post a step-by-step guide for fixing gpg. For people
> who don't commonly use it in terminal. I suppose that I could import one
> of the poisoned keys in a fresh VM, and explore how to fix it. But I'm
> sure that someone reading this could just dash it out.
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My "fix" was simple - I already have a linux laptop - saved all my keys
and my secret key on a usb stick. Whilst reading the thread - I changed
all the key servers from sks - but then I got screwed as sks key servers
refreshed my keys! WTF!!! Having installed everything to the new laptop
I just copied the folder onto my or this working laptop and all is fine.
But as key servers share data - (???) maybe the infected keys will

My public key has only one confirmed signing - it had two - but really I
am not that tempted to download from any key server. Not all here attach
their public key - and do not upload to a key server - and well no one
will ever upload to a key server again!!!!!!! Ha!

Every key server is at risk. It has been done once - and can be done
again - there is some very sophisticated malware out there. This is a
great shock and a wake up call to tighten security - on all key servers
- and to have a standardised platform - that takes money and developers.

I'm still in shock and very very wary!!!


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