keyserver-options: self-sigs-only, import-clean, import-minimal

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Jul 3 13:17:24 CEST 2019

On Wed,  3 Jul 2019 12:29, peter at said:

> Ah, based on a new message I just read the penny dropped. self-sigs-only
> can be made a default because it only applies to keyservers.
> import-minimal cannot be made a default because it affects all other

Not quite.  When importing from a keyserver you use --keyserver-options
and thus this allows to have a different set of options than when
importing using --import (and its corresponding --import-options
option).  --keyserver-options recognizes all import options in addition
to keyserver specific options.

The main advantage of self-sigs-only is that it is really fast.
Importing dkg's keys from a file takes 0.2s.  Importing without that
option takes 50 seconds.  The latter takes a long time until it runs
into the size limit which then triggers the fallback to self-sigs-only.



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