SKS and GnuPG related issues and possible workarounds

Stefan Claas sac at
Wed Jul 3 17:33:35 CEST 2019

Peter Lebbing wrote:

> On 03/07/2019 16:00, Stefan Claas via Gnupg-users wrote:  
> > If I had time and money I would hire a lawyer, would formulate a letter
> > for SKS operators stating that I request the removal of my pub key data
> > and would as EU citizen refer in this letter to our GDPR.   
> Do you object to your data being available not only from the many public
> archives of this mailing list but also from the SKS keyserver network?
> If so: why? Don't you think many more people would use a web search to
> find out about your name and e-mail address than use a keyserver search?
> And why the hell does <> exist then?!?!
> Or is it not that you wish to invoke the GDPR for what it was meant for,
> but rather you want to force the SKS keyserver network to go down,
> forcing your world view upon the good people running the network? If so:
> why do you feel entitled to do that?
> I seem to remember you threatening, more than a year ago, to hose some
> specific person's public key, who was it again, with bogus third-party
> signatures.
> I get the notion you're not what you'd call a "team player". "Bully"
> seems to be a better description. I'm going to leave it at that, because
> I don't want the list to go down the road I so desperately want to go
> personally. I'll take some solace from having recently read some
> stronger qualifications in a public post.
> Peter.  

Mmmhhh...Peter, if I should do this it should serve as help guideline
for users wishing to do the same.


O.k. here is the deal: Let's say teenagers or younger people, like
you, made funny things with someone else's pub key and you get later
older and regret that someone has uploaded your pub key to the Network,
without your consent (of course...) then he / she should have the
possibility to remove that data, for what ever reason a person might

Or say you are in the strong set, and later you figure out that a
person in the strong set is a criminal, you do not want any longer
associated with his / her signature on your key.

Then also don't forget that only GnuPG and one other tool has a WoT,
which even dgk could in one reply to me never explain what it is good
for. People may later change their careers and no longer, for what
ever reason they might have, do not want to be associated with the WoT.

I assume you only know crypto stuff as a GnuPG user and has never
used other crypto tools, otherwise you would not speak like this.

Regarding my keybase presence, I can immediately close down my account
and my data and the data from my followers is removed, cool eh?


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