Essay on PGP as it is used today

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Hey Ryan thanks for posting... and this response is not a poke at you, so dont take it personally!

but ... groan... honestly who the fck are "latacora", and all the others who sprout shite they read somewhere and regurgitate elsewhere...
Yeah I have been seeing posts like this pop up and with variations of content. Today everyone is cool kid security consultant, it's a badge of upper crust 007 techno ability.
Show me actual facts and figures, opinions are not fact.
Like anything worthwhile, sometimes you need to study and actually apply a bit of effort to do something properly.
GPG is no different...  The "instant gratification" and simple systems don't enforce good security workflows. Just because Uncle Bob likes and says you should use signal/whatsapp etc etc and shouldn't use whatever, doesn't mean you should follow.
If folks like Bruce Schneier suddenly popped up and said "we have a problem" and dumped his PK, I may take notice... Then again that's my opinion, why should you believe me :)

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More than a bit critical, but a good read all the same.  Found on HN.

HN comment thread here:

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