revoke last valid user ID

ilf ilf at
Mon Jul 22 19:28:16 CEST 2019

Doing more keyring housekeeping, I would like to all revoke user IDs of 
keypairs with revoked/expired certificates. However, I am getting this 

> gpg: Cannot revoke the last valid user ID.

This is also in the documentation:

> --quick-revoke-uid user-id user-id-to-revoke
> This command revokes a user ID on an existing key. It cannot be used 
> to revoke the last user ID on key (some non-revoked user ID must 
> remain) […]

Why it this?

I have keypairs with revoked/expired certificates keys in my keyring 
which have *all* user IDs revoked. And I am sure I want to do this. Is 
there a way to override this limitation?


If you upload your address book to "the cloud", I don't want to be in it.

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