David david at gbenet.com
Wed Jul 31 00:33:10 CEST 2019

Ralph Seichter:
> * david at gbenet.com:
>> I have three email accounts with their own keys - Enigmail does not
>> support this - you have to have one key and that's it.
> Nonsense! One can not only configure one PGP key per account (of which
> there can be many), one can even configure one key per identity. Each
> TB account can have multiplie identities; one of Thunderbird's killer
> features as far as I am concerned.
> Why you would lambast Enigmail for a non-problem, caused by you not
> configuring things properly, is beyond me.
> -Ralph
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I have had one key pair for over 20 years - for postmaster at gbenet.com
I decided to create another key pair last week for my website -
site-admin at gbenet.com

I set the settings to choose a key by email account select the key
manually. I then sent a encrypted and signed test message from
postmaster at gbenet.com to site-admin at gbenet.com

The email arrived and I could read it - I had no need to decrypt it
because it was signed and encrypted to postmaster at gbenet.com

I then decided to reply - it selected postmasters key but refused to
sign the email - I entered the passphrase three times  all by hand the
same result.

Puzzled by this - I decided to take the checkbox out of picking the
right key for the email accounts of postmaster at gbenet.com and
site-admin at gbenet.com

I decided to send just an encrypted email to postmaster at gbenet.com from
site-admin at gbenet.com "I can't find the key" even though I had selected
the  key - hmmmm.............. I tried then to just send a signed reeply
to postmater at gbenet.com not encrypted - the dialogue box popped up to
enter the passphrase for site-admin at gbenet.com - again it refused to
accept the passphrase for site-admin at gbenet.com

Oh and I created a new key pair for david at gbenet.com which are
completely useless. I  tried with all three keys - the only key to work
is my postmaster at gbenet.com which I've used in Thunderbird and Enigmail
for over 20 years.

And after each of these config changes in Enigmail and Thunderbird I
shut down Thunderbird deleted all the caches and rebooted my laptop.

The results were all consistent:
Enigmail will only work with ONE Key.
It does not recognise any other key than the first key that was created.

I'd like to use my david at gbenet.com key here - some ages ago complained
I was using postmaster at gbenet.com's key to sign emails. I thought it
woulld be a good idea to have a key for this email account. BUT I can
not use it - I can not sign emails.

You moan - but offer no solutions. I can think of only one possible
solution that will work delete site-admin's key pair - delete david's
key pair and go back to what Thunderbird and Enigmail are happy with one
key pair from postmaster at gbenet.com

To be frank your comments are just like a bad fart - then they go away.
You don't think perhaps can not think - your not too smart as to offer
any solution.



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