David david at gbenet.com
Wed Jul 31 00:36:26 CEST 2019

Andrew Gallagher:
>> On 30 Jul 2019, at 18:47, David <david at gbenet.com> wrote:
>> Hello Stefan,
>> I have three email accounts with their own keys - Enigmail does not
>> support this - you have to have one key and that's it.
> That is simply not true. I used enigmail with multiple keys for years without any issues. If you’re having issues configuring it, perhaps ask on the enigmail list.
> A

I have done so - but have got no advice on the correct settings in
Thunderbird or Enigmail.

That's why I am considering other solutions. I have been with
Thunderbird and Enigmail for over 20 years with one key pair -
postmaster at gbenet.com



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