David david at gbenet.com
Wed Jul 31 00:46:28 CEST 2019

Stefan Claas via Gnupg-users:
> David wrote:
> Hi David,
>> I have three email accounts with their own keys - Enigmail does not
>> support this - you have to have one key and that's it.
> Ah, o.k. I never tried it, but it should be possible, with different
> accounts and keys (hopefully).
>> Am downloading and installing claws mail now so hope it will import all
>> my Thunderbird and Enigmail settings :)
> Claws-Mail is a different beast and I think this will not work.
> Regards
> Stefan

Hi Stefan,

It's all installed - with a main mail box. Am going to see if I can
create four email accounts - hopefully not all as sub-accounts of the
first one I created - I notice you can not change the name of this mail
box :) I've yet to figure out how to use my keys. A learninng curve is
in order but late at night 11.45pm!!



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