David david at gbenet.com
Wed Jul 31 03:27:04 CEST 2019

Ralph Seichter:
> * david at gbenet.com:
>> Enigmail will only work with ONE Key.
>> It does not recognise any other key than the first key that was
>> created.
> I use multiple keys with Enigmail and Thunderbird, and I have done so
> for years.
>> You don't think perhaps can not think - your not too smart as to offer
>> any solution.
> Right, try insulting people, that will surely get you far. :-) I owe you
> exactly nothing. If you cannot figure it out yourself, try the Enigmail
> mailing list.
> -Ralph
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I have approached the Enigmail list (if you care to read all the emails)
but have had no instructions or help in resolving matters - clearly some
people wish to make conversations rather than offering practical help -
this failure was what prompted me to look into other solutions.


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