Patrick Brunschwig patrick at enigmail.net
Wed Jul 31 14:31:34 CEST 2019

On 31.07.2019 13:46, David wrote:
> Hello Erich,
> I did what you said - associated each email address with  it's own key.
> I then shut down Thunderbird re-started and carried out the following test:
> Test One:
> I sent an encrypted and signed email to site-admin from postmaster. I
> received the email - it took 6 attempts to decrypt it.
> I then decided to reply - so I sent an encrypted and signed email to
> postmaster - I was unable to  sign as site-admin - after 9 attempts of
> entering the passphrase - each time rejected by Enigmail. I was unable
> to send a signed and encrypted email to postmaster.

I'm sorry, but there's a misunderstanding. Enigmail does /not/ query
your passphrase. Enigmail calls GnuPG, and GnuPG asks for your
passphrase if needed. If the passphrase is rejected that's not related
to Enigmail.


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