ProtonMail and Anonymity

Mark Rousell markr at
Mon May 6 14:37:58 CEST 2019

On 06/05/2019 12:21, Andrew Luke Nesbit wrote:
> [I am resending from my list-subscribed email address.]
> On 06/05/2019 11:17, Mauricio Tavares wrote:
>>       Another option is to buy a burner phone and SIM paying cash.
>> I've seen both available in stores and supermarkets and street stands
>> in at least 3 countries.
> In which countries is this allowed?  In other words, is there a list
> oublished online?

Don't know about a list of countries but this is certainly possible in
the UK (for now, at least, until the government freaks out about it).
SIMs are widely available for purchase with no identity requirements and
can very often be topped up anonymously for cash via newsagents. As for
phones, it's been a while since I bought a new phone (although I suspect
that it is still possible to buy them new for cash) but of course second
hand ones are also widely available.

Mark Rousell

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