I've been hacked and now I only use a key pair on keybase.

Stefan Claas sac at 300baud.de
Sat May 25 18:56:39 CEST 2019

Hi all,

since some of you have my pub key, I would like to inform
you that the key is revoked, due to the fact that i've been

My new pub key is available via keybase and also certified
by the German CA Governikus.

Here are the infos:

PGP key added!

  You just added 5B81 8DA3 3B23 FE73 9591  B3C7 0F2B 4DA2 76F2 F8AD.

You performed this action by signing a statement with Desktop PC, a computer. Extra-geeky people can manually read the announcement on your sig chain: https://keybase.io/stefan_claas/sigchain.
And here is a full list of your live keys on Keybase:
* Laptop --- a computer 
* Desktop PC --- a computer 
* member nuclear... --- a paper key 

If any of the above devices or keys are lost to you, please revoke them with the Keybase app.

-the Keybase team

Keybase for Android: https://keybase.io/_/download/keybase-for-android
Keybase for iPhone:  https://keybase.io/_/download/keybase-for-ios
Keybase for Linux:   https://keybase.io/docs/the_app/install_linux
Keybase for Windows: https://keybase.io/docs/the_app/install_windows
Keybase for macOS:   https://keybase.io/docs/the_app/install_macos


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