Conflict Due to Multiple Instances of Smart Card Daemon

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On Sun, 26 May 2019 22:11, gnupg-users at said:

> the new design you're working on. By the way, could you describe that
> in more detail? What new capabilities will it offer (or what new

gpg-card supports all smartcards which are supported by scdaemon and not
just the OpenPGP card.  It has a unified interface and can be used like
a regular Unix command line tool.  I attach the current man page in case
you are interested.

However, "gpg --card-edit" and "gpg-card" are both frontends to scdaemon
which provide a nicer interface to the IPC (gpg-connect-agent) interface
of scdaemon.  When I implemented card support in gpa(1) I decided to
take the direct approach without using one of the frontends.  GPGME as
an API to work direcly at the IPC level (gpgme_op_assuan_transact_ext);
I don't know much about the Puton wrapper for that, though.

In case you want to checkout how gpa does it, read cardman.c and the
various cm-*.c files.



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