gpg-agent, pinentry and Emacs

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Sat Nov 16 18:22:53 CET 2019

* Werner Koch:

> You forgot to _add_
>  debug-pinentry
>  debug ipc
>  verbose
> to gpg-agent.conf.

Here's the gpg-agent.conf I used:

  default-cache-ttl <nnn>
  max-cache-ttl <mmm>
  pinentry-program /home/xyz/bin/pinentry-wrapper
  log-file /tmp/gpg-agent.log

Seems to me I had everything in place, with the exception of "debug
ipc". I added the latter, and the resulting log file is available via . Note that I killed
the agent manually at the end of that session in order to flush any
data still potentially buffered for logging.


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