multiple recipients encryption and decryption in gpgsm

Yves T yjgt at
Thu Nov 28 11:57:14 CET 2019

Sender A:
To recapitulate : sender A uses gpgsm with 2 recipients:
gpgsm --recipient <A own cert id> --recipient <B cert id> --encrypt file.txt > encryptedfile.gpg

Receiver B:
The receiving end B has his own correct secret key available but not the secret key from B and gets an error when decrypting the file:

gpgsm: DBG: recp 0 - issuer: 'CN=MYREALM CA,DC=REALM' gpgsm: DBG: recp 0 - serial: <serial number of the sender certificate> gpgsm: error decrypting session key: No secret key gpgsm: decrypting session key failed: No secret key
gpgsm: DBG: recp 1 - issuer: 'CN=MYREALM CA,DC=REALM' gpgsm: DBG: recp 1 - serial: <serial number of the receiver certificate>

So the question is:

  1.  is B able to decrypt the file if he has not the secret key from A
  2.  should he be able to do this even when not having A's secret key
  3.  am I missing something
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