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Stefan Claas sac at 300baud.de
Sat Oct 5 12:15:17 CEST 2019

Tony Lane via Gnupg-users wrote:

> But go ahead, please rationalize why "ease-of-use" is more important than
> actual security for power-users such as myself and those who absolutely won't
> compromise on true E2EE.

Not to rain your parade, but I follow the topic encryption since the mid '80s
and can say nowadays that GnuPG has failed to become an email encryption
product for the masses, which IIRC was the initial goal of Mr Zimmermann's PGP
back in the early ninetees.

Instead GnuPG became the ultimate tool for PGPGs[1].

Try the following experiment, as power user: Explain to your loved ones,
friends and co-workers GnuPG usage (with all its surrounding stuff like
installing MUAs and plug-ins, besides of GnuPG) point them to the FAQ as
learning resource and then show them as modern alternative Mailvelope
or the new Autocrypt from Vincent ...

Once done consider again why in modern software design ease of use is an
important factor, if you like to reach out to the masses and want to
convince people to use software based on the OpenPGP protocol.

[1] Pretty Good Privacy Geek


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