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> Hi
> On Monday 7 October 2019 at 9:15:54 AM, in
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>> would it be possible to add the ability to
>> checksum the binaries?
> When a new GnuPG version is announced, there are checksums in the
> announcement. For example, see

To summarize:

- Checksumming a file insures that the file has not been corrupted
- Verifying a file insures that the file has not been tempered with

Idealy, both steps are to be done.

To download gnupg:

To checksum gnupg files you will fine the checksums in the announcement
e-mail which can be found at:

For example, the checksums for 2.2.17 are to be found at:

To download gpg4win:

Thanks to "Werner Koch wk at" and "MFPA
<2017-r3sgs86x8e-lists-groups at>" for the help.

John Doe

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