Cannot decrypt from smartcard using gnupg-2.2, can from 2.0

Niibe Yutaka gniibe at
Mon Oct 14 06:17:58 CEST 2019

alejandro Cortez wrote:
> gpg: public key decryption failed: Invalid ID

This means that something goes wrong in your private key file for
your token, I suppose.

> Can anyone help debug this?

You can see more information, by following command line:

    $ gpg-connect-agent "KEYINFO --list" /bye

This doesn't reveal secret (but your serial number).

The example output (of mine) is like:

$ gpg-connect-agent "KEYINFO --list" /bye
S KEYINFO A97A7983102513844456E5B687E46B936B14155C D - - - P - - -
S KEYINFO 65F67E742101C7FE6D5B33FCEFCF4F65EAF0688C T D276000124010200F517000000010000 OPENPGP.2 - - - - -
S KEYINFO 101DE7B639FE29F4636BDEECF442A9273AFA6565 T D276000124010200F517000000010000 OPENPGP.1 - - - - -
S KEYINFO 5D6C89682D07CCFC034AF508420BF2276D8018ED T D276000124010200F517000000010000 OPENPGP.3 - - - - -

The third column is a keygrip.  The fifth column is an application ID
(vendor id + serial number) of the card.  The sixth column is the key

The key identifier "OpenPGP.2" is used for decription process.

I suspect you have some different string there, for some reason.

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