GPG Agent discarding cache before ttl/max ttl

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Oct 15 22:57:16 CEST 2019

On Tue, 15 Oct 2019 09:14, Chip Senkbeil said:

> Is there some separate setting for GPG agent to discard its cache
> earlier than the ttl/max ttl settings? I've checked the GPG agent

You can follow the cache operations by adding

  log-file /some/log/file
  debug cache

to gpg-agent.conf and reload it (gpgconf --reload gpg-agent).  This will
give you some insights on what is going on.

The stadard way to flush the cache is bei sending a HUP to gpg-agent (or
the above reload command).  If your system has a method to run a script
on suspend or lid closing it may already do just that.  I consider this
a good idea but we can't do that by default in GnuPG because systems
differ to much on how to detect a lid closing event or similar.  Thus
there is also no way to avoid it using a GnuPG option.

>     enable-ssh-support

Its the default anyway

>     fixed-list-mode

You can remove that too it has no effect anymore.

>     # When making an OpenPGP certification, use a stronger digest than
> the default
>     # SHA1:
>     cert-digest-algo SHA256

It is the default for a long time now.  Only gpg 1.4 still defaults to
SHA-1 but you are not using that.



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