Help needed - for a binary to words encoder/decoder for GnuPG

Stefan Claas sac at
Mon Oct 21 22:59:57 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I was wondering if native English speakers can help me out in finding 'the
right' 5 letter words which can be used in an binary to words encoder/decoder,
which then can be used with GnuPG encrypted binary files, so that these
(preferably small binary blobs) messages can then be send over telephone, radio
or as letter/fax.

I already contacted my Golang programmer who wrote me yesterday such an
encoder/decoder and I have already created a dictionary with German 5 letter
words, which are IMHO easy to speak and they contain no 'offensive' etc. words.

The encoder uses for every byte combination [0-255] a single 5 letter word. For
sure, this is not so effective as codegroups[1] but IMHO faster to speak and to
write down.

Here is a very small GnuPG symmetrically encrypted message, run through the

Leser Aroma Algen Angel Album Ahorn Fasan Folie Geste Insel
Kreis Umzug Xenia Katze Rille Sinus Gummi Adler Lende Torte
Mappe Balsa Sorte Album Insel Venus Quote Lampe Onkel Sinus
Laube Anzug Heike Hitze Lager Knauf Gitta Mensa Hitze Haube
Wonne Ruder Maler Ampel Mulde Platz Alina Alina Eimer Hecht
Blatt Biene Nebel Kraut Erbse Zweig Stadt Zweig Natur Stoff
Fleck Pferd Sinus Pudel Wange Wagen Index Leser Teich Pferd
Album Seide Tempo Pokal Couch Dauer Nadel Knopf Nager Suppe
Boden Anton Ziege Musik Platz Serie Geist Xenia Lurch Platz
Sirup Gleis Felge Musik Platz Henne Adler Dogge Kugel Forum
Salto Gabel

What I need now is kind folks looking here at the 'alpha' wordlist: and sieve out with this small
Python program, or something else

|import fileinput
|N = 5
|for line in fileinput.input():
|    for word in line.split():
|        if len(word) == N:
|             print word

5 letter words and then manually select the best ones, which native English
speakers could easily listen to and write down.

Once I have the list I will then create the English version of the software
and publish it, along with the German version, on my keybase page.


Best regards

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