Help needed - for a binary to words encoder/decoder for GnuPG

Stefan Claas sac at
Sat Oct 26 14:51:06 CEST 2019

Stefan Claas wrote:

> Due to a lenghtly discussion in Usenet, with native English speakers,
> I decided againt an English version and will go instead for NATO/HEX,
> which allows for faster and error free transfer via phone, radio, etc.

Here is an output from a small encrypted NaCl secretbox blob with 'sender.exe':

Seven-One       Nine-Foxtrot    One-Nine        Bravo-Two       Echo-Five      
Eight-Zero      Five-Zero       Delta-Six       Delta-Alfa      Four-Delta     
Bravo-Three     Charlie-One     Delta-Foxtrot   Bravo-Delta     Zero-Bravo     
Foxtrot-Four    Delta-Six       Three-Four      Charlie-One     Three-Four     
Bravo-Two       Five-Eight      Bravo-Seven     Charlie-Three   Two-Four       
Bravo-Three     Five-Two        Echo-Nine       Three-Zero      Four-Echo      
Zero-Foxtrot    Echo-Foxtrot    Zero-Alfa       Zero-Delta      Bravo-Six      
Eight-Echo      Echo-Six        Foxtrot-Two     Three-Three     Charlie-Four   
Seven-Five      Alfa-Nine       Echo-Six        Charlie-Six     Nine-Nine      
Seven-Two       Five-Three      Seven-Delta     Four-Alfa       Five-Foxtrot   

The listener then simply types the values as HEX into his editor of choice,
like so:

71 9F 19 B2 E5
80 50 D6 DA 4D
B3 C1 DF BD 0B
F4 D6 34 C1 34
B2 58 B7 C3 24
B3 52 E9 30 4E
0F EF 0A 0D B6
8E E6 F2 33 C4
75 A9 E6 C6 99
72 53 7D 4A 5F

Then he / she uses the 'receiver.exe' program to convert the HEX values back
into a binary blob. :-)


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