Help needed - for a binary to words encoder/decoder for GnuPG

Stefan Claas sac at
Sat Oct 26 16:38:28 CEST 2019

Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> > I don't agree with you, because due to dialects spoken in every
> > country (even in the US) the PGP wordlist is not suitable IMHO
> > for non-native English speakers and international comms, which
> > the NATO alphabet is perfect for!
> It was designed by a computational linguist specifically to be resistant
> to these concerns.  There's an academic paper written about it.  You
> should read it.

Yes, for native English speakers ...

Let's assume the following, I would use the PGP wordlist and give
my software for a test to a German user and let's say a Japanese
user. Both of them have basic English skills. 

If one person then speaks the words from the PGP wordlist to the
other and he / she has to write down these words you can be sure
that this is *not* 100 percent error free and fast, in comparison
to my approach, which requires only to learn six easy words and
ten digits (which can be accomplished by a six year old kid).


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