Forward entire gnupg $HOME

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Thu Sep 5 20:06:36 CEST 2019

* Andre Klärner:

> is there a way to properly shared the entire keyring and trust
> settings between two machines?

What "properly" means is quite subjective.

My own .gnupg directories are under Git control. Imagine two computers,
let's call them alpha and bravo, in my local network, which both only
allow access via SSH key based authentication. Assuming that alpha is
the "master" (meaning I add keys and modify trust settings there), I can
initially transfer the data by running

  cd /home/ralph
  git clone ralph at alpha:/home/ralph/.gnupg

on machine bravo. All future updates can then be transferred by simply
invoking "git pull".

For obvious reasons one should not put GnuPG key material on GitHub or
similar, but if you do have your own, secure Git repository (which I
have), you can add that to the mix.

A nice side effect of this method is that my GPG key rings are fully
version controlled.


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