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Stefan Claas sac at
Wed Sep 18 17:30:47 CEST 2019

Binarus wrote:

> You have stated that my real name must be in the key ID if I would like
> to have the key certified by Governikus. Does the key ID need to have
> other personal data in it? After all, as an example, there for sure are
> at least 1000 people in Germany whose name is "Peter Meier" (which is
> the reason why I personally will always use the email address (instead
> of the name) as the criterion when searching for a public key). If there
> is other personal data in the ID (like the address), what happens when
> people relocate?

AusweisApp reads your personal data from your ID-card and then Governikus
certifies your key, containing your real name. Your key does not need to
have other personal data besides your real name.

My UID for example looks like this: Stefan Claas *offline key* <sac at>

I know that there is as second Stefan Claas living in Germany, but
he will not have the same email address like I have. So people looking
up key servers could then find of course (if he would upload a key too)
a second Stefan Claas.

I have no expierence when one relocates, but as I see it it does not matter
as long as you are a holder of a German ID-card.

When in doubt always give a hint to your key in your email signature,
so that people you are communicating with know the proper key to fetch.


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