We have GOT TO make things simpler

Stefan Claas sac at 300baud.de
Mon Sep 30 16:45:23 CEST 2019

Roland Siemons wrote:

> Dear GNUPG developers,
> We have GOT TO make things simpler.
> 1/ I do have some years of experience with GnuPG. Especially with 
> convincing people to use it. It is not easy. But I do it because it is 
> in my interest to be able to communicate privately.
> 2/ My latest experience is with a person who sent me his entire keypair 
> per email. I had asked him to send me his public key only. I had 
> instructed him how to prepare that file ("export public key, do NOT 
> export the secret half of the keypair. Ensure this by ticking the right 
> boxes. If you use GPA do it like this, if you use Kleopatra, follow 
> those menu trails, if you use GPG Tools I do not know."). The person who 
> made the horror of sending his secret key over email is properly educated.
> 3/ Please do appreciate that the persons who we are convincing and 
> instructing are not particularly interested in privacy. They need simple 
> approaches.

Maybe you can convince your friends to use Mailvelope or the new AutoCrypt
from Vincent (who brought us Hagrid). Both are OpenPGP apps, and no longer
require GnuPG and therefore should it make easier for your friends to use.


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