Maybe a good date to create a new key pair ...

Stefan Claas sac at
Mon Feb 3 22:45:59 CET 2020

Mark wrote:

> I know the palindrome day was yesterday (although the article missed
> several others in the 21st century). I am curious on how you were able
> to create a key with a certain fingerprint.

I used the (Windows) program scallion, from GitHub, with the following
parameters: scallion --gpg -k 2048 02022020

That's all and it took less than five seconds to generate the private key. :-)

That way you can also create keys with your birthday or deadbeef etc.

After key generation you have to import the private key into GnuPG
with '--allow-non-selfsigned-uid' to add a proper UID and passphrase.


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