Encrypted GPG files

fredrik.a.lindstrom at swedbank.se fredrik.a.lindstrom at swedbank.se
Thu Feb 20 13:53:23 CET 2020

Hi all,


We receive PGP encrypted files from several external parties that uses many
different tools to create PGP files and I have noticed a difference between
these files that cumbers me.


We never (well almost never) have issues with binary GPG files that starts
with 0x85 0x01 ..... as the first 2 bytes in the binary file. Now I have
received binary PGP files that starts with 0xC1 0xC0 ..... and have not been
able to smoothly to decrypt these files.


Every time I encrypt files then the binary output file always starts with
0x85 0x01 ..... and I am using version 2.2.9.


How can I create PGP encrypted binary files that starts with 0xC1 0xC0 .....


Best Regards,




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