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fyi; maybe it's a change somewhere in GnuPG land?

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Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2020 10:11:20 +0100
From: Matthias Apitz <guru at unixarea.de>
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Subject: security/pinentry-qt5


I use security/pinentry-qt5 in KDE5 on FreeBSD CURRENT (all from SVN
HEAD, compiled by my own, ports with poudriere on February, 11).

security/pinentry-qt5 is used to unlock my OpenPGP card. In the past the
pinentry-qt5 pop-up window have had automatically the focus, now the
focus stays in the terminal window from one starts, for example, the SSH
session und the PIN goes into the terminal window, visible to all and is
executed as command on the remoe host and then there in the bash
history. This is highly a security risk!

Any idea how to avoid this or what triggered this change of behaviour?


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