Proposal - variable line width for ASCII armor output

Ralph Seichter abbot at
Thu Feb 27 00:34:51 CET 2020

* Stefan Claas:

> I am aware of fixed-with fonts, but modern messengers or social media
> do not use them.

I deliberately don't use "social" media, nor do I care about it. Also,
if a modern messenger (whatever you may label as such) is not supporting
fixed-width fonts, that's the messenger's fault, not something to be
remedied by changing GnuPG.

> I guess Werner would only need a very very short time to implement
> this feature among the many many many other commands and parameters
> GnuPG has already accumulated over the years. :-)

Any change requires design, development and testing. In the case of
GnuPG across platforms. That is why I consider your specific proposal a
complete waste of resources -- which is not meant as critique of you as
a person.


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