decrypt aes256 encrypted file without gpg-agent

vedaal at vedaal at
Fri Jun 26 20:15:52 CEST 2020

On 6/26/2020 at 4:54 AM, "Fourhundred Thecat" <400thecat at> wrote:
>I have file encrypted with symmetric cipher (aes256) and not 
>How can I decrypt it without using gpg agent ?
>I get these errors:
>$ gpg -d file.gpg
>gpg: failed to start gpg agent
>gpg: decryption failed: no secret key


Also can't get it without using agent.  
Tried using option of --no-use-agent  and gpg2 says 'obsolete option, has no effect'.
The option of --no-default-keyring doesn't help if the home directory is not open.

Agent will not start unless home directory is open  ( my home directory is in an encrypted container)
Once the home directory is there (when I unencrypted mine), agent starts, and a pinentry window opens asking for the symmetric passphrase, 

When I unencrypt the home directory, but not the keyring, 
gpg will still decrypt when using the option of --no-default-keyring

(feature request:  can GPG2 be made to work from only the command-line without a pine entry window, and without gpg-agent?)



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