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Fri May 1 05:07:11 CEST 2020

Summary -- Maximum standard pubkey plus seckey pair length is what I'm
asking about.

Let me continue by explaining some back up information for my question.
- I am asking in terms of the latest standards implemented in distros and
Windows .exe auto-install packages.
- I am trying to create a group calendar file and app for a private group.
- Original concept for my project -- use an annual calendar file that has
December (year minus 1) to January (year plus 1), so 14 months of days. I
want one keypair per day for the group.

I want the app to encrypt based upon date. I want the app to decrypt based
upon based upon 3 keys... Date minus 1, Date, and Date plus 1.
So, I need a keygen script that generates 427 (365+31+31) keypairs for a
single ics file.
THEN I'm thinking about field lengths in an ics, and realized that I don't
know the ABSOLUTE longest key that can be created for a secret or public
key. I have used DSA and RSA, and I moved from DSA to RSA years ago because
at the time there were security concerns with DSA... and i think the max
RSA can have as a discussion example is 8192... (that's bits, not bytes...
so that's 1024 bytes max)...
Not sure about ELG's max length...

SO I chose to ask the expert users here.
NO i didn't ask the devel group because I don't want devels confusing what
they are working on for future versions, and I didn't ask docs group
because they are also working in the future. ;)

SO, users, help!
I need to know the absolute longest key that GnuPG can create RIGHT NOW.

Not previous versions, not future versions, but the current stable Windows
auto-install .exe version RIGHT now.

Then I can decide if I can have two fields in an .ics file, or if I need to
create a data file for my app. ;)

Thank you.

Sorry that my email is so long for a simple question.

Summary -- Maximum standard pubkey plus seckey pair length is what I'm
asking about.
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