Updating of Keys

Michał Górny mgorny at gentoo.org
Tue May 12 07:31:06 CEST 2020

W dniu pon, 11.05.2020 o godzinie 17∶22 -0700, użytkownik Mark napisał:
> Kinda of a stupid question here about updating your keys. I'm curious
> as
> to what changes would require you to re-upload it to a keyserver.   
> I assume updating the passphrase would not because that is tied to
> the
> private key but does it change anything in the public key where that
> might be require it to be updated? 

No, this does not change anything about the public key.

> How about changing the expiration date of the primary and secondary
> keys? I assume that would be needed to be updated to the keyserver. 

Yes, that adds new signatures to the key that need to be uploaded for
new expiration dates to be seen by other people.

> Which then brings me to another question, what happens when you
> re-upload your key to a keyserver. Does it overwrite the older one or
> ??

This depends on the keyserver implementation.  Generally, the new key
gets merged into the old one.  Sometimes the stale data is cleaned up,
sometimes it remains.  The same happens when you fetch updated key
from the keyserver.

Best regards,
Michał Górny

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