Comparison of RSA vs elliptical keys

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>> I guess that Curve 25519 is mentioned in the IETF standard, isn't it?
> Not yet. Officially, only the NIST P-256, P-384, and P-521 curves are part of
> the standard (since RFC 6637). The first mention of Curve 25519 for OpenPGP was
> in a draft by Werner in 2014 [2]. The draft never made it to a RFC but the
> 25519 curve is now part of the draft for RFC4880bis, the next revision of the
> OpenPGP standard [3].

However, its signing flavor, Ed25519, is described in RFC 8032:

   This document describes elliptic curve signature scheme Edwards-curve
   Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA).  The algorithm is instantiated
   with recommended parameters for the edwards25519 and edwards448
   curves.  An example implementation and test vectors are provided.

Its use is standardized for DKIM signatures by RFC 8463.

> [2]
> [3]

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