keys require a user-id

Mark azbigdogs at
Mon May 18 01:21:48 CEST 2020

I'm just curious as to what this "GNU" way is? I assume you would just a
non identifiable email address and then either leave your name blank,
incomplete, or just plain incorrect.

Is there another way I am missing?


On 5/16/2020 8:56 AM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> So, when you like to communicate with a person who uses such a new
>> key how do you proceed then?
> I tell them, "I will not be able to use OpenPGP with you until such time
> as you UID conforms to the standard.  Would you like help in making your
> user ID standards-conformant in a way that reveals nothing about your
> real-world identity?"
> This is, in fact, the preferred GNU way.  "I'd love to be able to work
> with you on this document, but you're using a proprietary format I can't
> read.  There's an open format we can both use, though, and I'd be happy
> to help you get started with it."
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