keys require a user-id

Stefan Claas sac at
Mon May 18 13:12:02 CEST 2020

Stefan Claas wrote:
> Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> > If you want the documentation to reflect PII-free UIDs, please say
> > that. This could be a useful discussion.  If the community believes
> > PII-free UIDs should be in the FAQ I will happily write up an entry
> > for it.
> Please discuss it with the community and try to add it later to the
> documentation as equally treated, in the key generation process.

I would like to start the discussion, because I like to point out one
more thing, why I like the UID-less and label approach, compared to a
freeform UID.

Let's say I would regularly communicate with you, dkg and Werner etc.

In sequoia I would import the public keyblocks and could label them,
for example with rjh or rob, dkg and wk and would then use for the
recipient parameter -r rob -r dkg -r wk, which I can easily memorize.

With the freeform approach, when I would have to use (auto) generated
random chars or the fingerprint then I would have problems memorizing
if this was your, dkg's or Werner's public keyblock and it could be
also more error prone (typos), when using this method, in CLI mode.

You can argue now that you can give a freeform UID the name rob or rjh
too, but this would maybe not so good, because your are publicity known
as rob or rjh, thus defeating the purpose a bit.


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