Backup of Keys

Mark azbigdogs at
Sun May 24 21:39:10 CEST 2020

I was thinking along the lines of backing up that entire directory into
an encrypted 7z file and then just having to remember the password to
that archive. I know there are other options maybe even some that use
biometrics to decrypt the database.

On 5/24/2020 10:23 AM, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> On 24/05/2020 19:11, Mark wrote:
>> I think if all the important files are stored in an encrypted
>> container, they should be pretty secure.
> Just watch out for the catch-22 of "I lost my hard drive, let me restore
> from that encrypted container. Hmmm, my only backup of my private key is
> inside a container encrypted to that private key..."
> HTH,
> Peter.

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