Backup of Keys

Mark azbigdogs at
Mon May 25 00:56:42 CEST 2020

I forgot to mention there are 2 files in that gnupg directory that I'm
not sure the purpose of. I know private keys are stored in a directory
called private-keys-v1.d and public keys are stored in pubring.kbx. I do
have a file called PAPubring.gpg and PAsecring.gpg. They are only 111
and 113 bytes each so can't be holding much of anything.


On 5/24/2020 12:57 PM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> I was thinking along the lines of backing up that entire directory into
>> an encrypted 7z file and then just having to remember the password to
>> that archive. I know there are other options maybe even some that use
>> biometrics to decrypt the database.
> Don't.  GnuPG puts things in that directory that are specific to your
> particular machine.  Most of these are harmless (lockfiles, etc.) but
> some are potentially harmful to share between installations.
> For instance, there's one file, "random_seed".  Werner says it's not a
> major concern, but I and many others have a flaming heebie-jeebies
> reaction to the idea of sharing a random number generator's seed file
> between two machines -- copying RNG state information is how *many,
> many, many* cryptosystems in history have been broken.
> Don't just back up the directory.  Only copy the files that are strictly
> necessary for operation.  Sherpa can help you with this.
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