libgcrypt: random source via library on Linux?

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at
Tue May 26 15:35:48 CEST 2020


This is maybe the wrong list, but only here i am subscribed and to
me this is one project in the end, but i apologise for that.

Yesterday i installed an OpenBSD 6.7 VM here, and was not able to
start it with my default config (-device virtio-rng-pci) because
libgcrypt failed with

  Fatal: no entropy gathering module detected

(Was quite a journey to find the source of this message...)
Long story short: i finally realized that if i run qemu without
-chroot everything is fine even with virtio-rng, as a workaround
i have created a minimal /dev/ in this chroot so libgcrypt can
access ?random devices.  But i wondered why the fd is not kept
open, you see quite some server related problems if you search the
above.  But further more, is there usage of the system call or the
C library backend on the road?  Shall i even open a bug tracker

Thanks in advance, Ciao!

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