Certified OpenPGP-encryption after release of Thunderbird 78

Stefan Claas sac at 300baud.de
Fri May 29 23:12:24 CEST 2020

Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> >> But it's a pity that
> >> Thunderbird developed its own solution because of licensing issues
> >> while we have a proven working solution with GnuPG...
> > 
> > We never know, maybe in the future someone writes again a fully
> > working solution for Thunderbird/GnuPG users.  
> Over the last fifteen years of providing email support to Enigmail
> users, I can say 95% of the Enigmail problems were caused by needing
> to call out to GnuPG.  The pipeline was (still is) fragile and the
> source of many errors.  Distributing GnuPG separately from Enigmail
> was also a headache and a half.
> You may think Enigmail is a proven working solution because it works
> for you and the people you know.  I'm very happy it works so well for
> you! But from my perspective, with literally almost two thousand
> emails over the last fifteen years from people asking for help, I'm
> reluctant to call it that.
> It works well for many people and I'm really glad it exists.  But
> there's still an unfortunate amount of work involved in getting it set
> up and working.

I can only say from my side, when using Enigmail many moons ago, with
a Mac, it was ok.

Since you mention that you did support for Enigmail, do you have also
infos about the current status of Thunderbird development, i.e.
beta testing etc., regarding OpenPGP support, so that you may can tell
us what people can expect?


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