Certified OpenPGP-encryption after release of Thunderbird 78

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at enigmail.net
Sat May 30 18:17:23 CEST 2020

Robert J. Hansen wrote on 30.05.2020 01:07:
>> If TB 78 is going to have native support of openGPG encryption, then the
>> original person in the thread should be able to export all of the keys
>> in their key rings, and import all of those keys into TB 78, or am I
>> missing one of the gotchas with
>> TV 78 and it's openGPG encryption support.
> You're missing the gotcha of "as of -Beta3, the new Thunderbird *cannot
> even import a key*."

I'm sorry, but that is simply not true. There is a known bug in the
library used by Thunderbird (RNP) that leads to crashes when importing
_certain_ keys. But I succeeded in importing all of my keys without any
problems (more than 1.000), except for 5 V3-keys. I can definitely say
that it's not just broken, and it can import keys.

> I'm not kidding.  It is so far from complete that Kai Englert, who leads
> the TB78 OpenPGP effort, recently proposed postponing OpenPGP support in
> TB until version 78.2, or about a three-month delay.

Again, that's oversimplified. OpenPGP will not be enabled _by_ _default_
but users may still enable it manually.

> At present, as of -Beta3, TB78's OpenPGP support is badly broken.

No, it's incomplete - work in progress. That's not quite the same.


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