Major problems with gpg and scdaemon, help highly appriciated

Juergen Bruckner juergen at
Sat Nov 14 11:22:22 CET 2020

Hello 22h49

Am 13.11.20 um 20:22 schrieb 22h39 via Gnupg-users:
> I have been for the life of me unable to get gpg working with the contactless interface in my reader.
> How to reproduce:
> I'm using a REINERSCT Cyberjack standard RFID dual interface class 3 reader
> Simply take a Openpgp card and try to sign anything using the contactless interface.

As far as I know the OpenPGP function of the OpenPGP-Card cannot be used 
via NFC / RFID. You need to use the on card chip and a card reader for 
PGP operations.


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