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Tue Nov 17 02:35:57 CET 2020

Hello Sirisha,

I read from Mozilla's official documentation which states that SOPS
command-line client is preferred, the SOPS library should be used only
for decryption.

The link is here:

>This package should not be used directly. Instead, Sops users should install the command line client >via `go get -u`, or use the decryption helper provided at >``.

>We do not guarantee API stability for any package other than ``.

My two cents.

Best regards

On Fri, 13 Nov 2020 at 17:08, Sirisha Gopigiri via Gnupg-users
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> Hi,
> We are trying to use SOPS+GPG to encrypt/decrypt yaml files and we have written some go wrapper using sops library to perform the required encryption/decryption. However when trying to execute this code the gpg library seems to be failing at keygeneration most of the time with the following error.
> failed to encrypt new data key with master key "681E3A89EB1DAFD36EB883120A73BB48E26694D8": could not encrypt data key with PGP key: error: key with fingerprint 681E3A89EB1DAFD36EB883120A73BB48E26694D8 is not available in keyring and could not be retrieved from keyserver; GPG binary error: gpg binary failed with error: exit status 2, gpg: 681E3A89EB1DAFD36EB883120A73BB48E26694D8: skipped: No public key
> Seems like it is unable to fetch the public key, we are executing the code locally, so we are using the local public and private keys only.
> Though we can list the public key locally, we keep getting the above error quite frequently. However, the encryption/decryption is happening successfully the other times.
> Kindly let us know if we are missing anything.
> We are facing this error only with gpg 2.1.x version, gpg 1.4.x version seems to be working fine.
> Thank you in advance!
> Best Regards
> Sirisha Gopigiri
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