How to change the protect cipher algorithm and the digest algorithm of the secret key?

Gao Xiaohui bangchuishan at
Tue Nov 17 03:28:49 CET 2020

Thank you for your reply to my question.
In "", Werner responded: "It is an open question whether gpg should be allowed to change the s2k options because the keys are a property of the agent and not of gpg. For export it might hwoever make sense to be able to change that (think export for use on a slower box)."Excuse me, why not use "--s2k-digest-algo" and "--s2k-cipher-algo" and other options for gpg-agent.exe, so you can also write these options in "gpg- conf.conf". At present, the "--s2k-count" option can be used in both gpg.exe and gpg-agent.exe.Thank you.
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