Thunderbird / Enigmail / Autocrypt

gnupgpacker gnupgpacker at
Mon Nov 23 18:03:54 CET 2020

Thanks Werner.

After further investigation about html mailing with Claws Mail: 
'Dillo HTML viewer' project has been updated Jun-2015, not available for
'litehtml' is available for Windows, but latest update is Oct-2015.

In our environment ~ 70% of contacts are using M$ Outlook and its
standard html mail functions, so discussion about sense of purpose are
mindless even a change of security awareness take place around there...
But you are right, html mail is definitely an annoyance and security
risk, but wide spreaded compatibility to several communication partners
and its needs is necessary!

Best regards, Chris

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> Just load one of the HTML viewer plugins.  Note that most plugins are
> an integral part of Claws and thus don't run into problems like 
> Enigmail with Thunderbird.

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