caching of passphrase is not working in windows , gpg agent version 2.2.23

surender singh pawar surendersinghpawar at
Mon Nov 23 18:18:39 CET 2020

Hi folks,

I am kind of stuck on this, hence reaching out to you guyz.

GPG is prompting for passphrase even though passphrase cached in gpg-agent
(windows)  Following steps I did.

1.      installed gpg on windows from (version
- 2.2.23)

2.      imported the key   : - > gpg --import <key File name>

3.      in home dir set the allow-preset-passphrase in gpg-agent.conf.

4.      from powershell started agent

"$gpgPath\bin\gpg-connect-agent.exe" reloadagent /bye

5.      powershell set passphrase

"$gpgPath\bin\gpg-preset-passphrase.exe" -v -c -P "$pgpPassphrase"

6.      mvn sign and deploy

mvn gpg:sign-and-deploy-file -B



"-Drevision=1.0.12-test" "-DrepositoryId=ossrh"

"-Dversion=1.0.12-test" "-DgroupId=datamodel" "-DartifactId=files"



"-Dpackaging=jar" "-DpomFile=E:\Publish\pom.xml"

it prompted the passphrase, I already cached it at step 5.

Not sure what is going wrong here .Is it a bug ? Few questions, really
appreciate if any one can help or i

1.      I don't see any option in windows, to verify if passphrase has been
cached . Does anyone know how to do that ?

2.      Are there any steps I am missing causing the passphrase prompt?

3. Any other direction , I should investigate.

I am kind of stuck here. Any help is very much appreciated.
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