Five volunteers needed (EU only please)

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> Hello Stefan.

Hi Dirk (long time not seen you!),


> For this test I would suggest to not use NFC stickers or anything like
> that. I would suggest using plastic cards with embedded NFC Tags.
> The reason for my suggestion. I'm working at a company which creates
> and sells solutions for european transportation and logistics
> companies. We use NFC tags for a drivers license check. These are
> stickers on the drivers license card to check if it is available.
> Removing them from the card destroys them. We now had multiple times
> the problem that those stickers were dead on arrival. We did a fw tests
> ans saw that the problem occurs only after the tags were on the postal
> way. Perhaps some strong magnetic fields in the postal systems, or
> anything like that.
> Now as we send and receive those tags in boxes, we didn't have Problems
> anymore.
> Cards never had this problem, as far as I can tell.
> The Tags should have enough memory to take encrypted messages. I think
> at least 12k. The more memory, the longer can the message be.
> Another benefit of using plastic cards instead of sticker tags is: They
> are reusable.

Thanks, I am aware of these cards, but wanted for my tests to avoid
higher costs and I only wanted to see if the postcards and tags
arrived in proper condition.

Should I use cards in the future then I would also use security envelopes.

Best regards

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