Odd error

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Nov 30 22:20:58 CET 2020


I looked at the Fedora Libgcrypt source and noticed that they ship
libgcrypt with the nistp192 and all brainpool curves removed.  I have
not yet build this version but given that one of your keys has brainpool
curves this might be the culprit.

I can understand that they remove nistp192 for security policy reasons.
But I do not understand why the brainpool curves are removed.  The
general statement in the spec file is that curves need to be removed due
to patent rasons.  However, Brainpool curves are less prone to patent
claims for fast multiplication than the NIST curves and we actually use
the very same code for all those Weierstrass curves. 

I'll build with the Fedora patches in the next days.  If the missing
curves are really the reason, we can fix that.



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