Five volunteers needed (EU .... Are you sure that this is really advantageous?

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> Subject: Five volunteers needed (EU only please)
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> Hi all,
> ...
> My new idea is to send encrypted postcards or letters, with an NFC tag
> attached,
> containing a GnuPG clearsigned test message. ...
> Why I came up with this idea? Well I thought of a way to send private
> content digitally,
> without Internet usage, so that 3rd parties outside the EU have it
> difficult to intercept
> such messages, in order to protect EU businesses and to show the young
> generation that
> local postal services should be supported, in favor of a globally
> surveilled Internet.
> A standard NFC tag can't store that much data, but there are different
> types available
> and one can use also modern encryption software which gives you more
> encrypted payload.
> ...... those NFC tags can also be destroyed
> with special* hardware devices or bought in a form that they get destroyed
> if someone tries
> to take them off, from the carrier medium.
Hello Stefan. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm failing to see the significant
benefit of such a method. Is what you are proposing similar to sending an
encrypted message on CD via the post, that the recipient then gets
decrypted using the public key published on the internet?

I don't consider postal systems, even those in the EU, to be generally
secure or at least verifiable as being secure. Actually worked for a
Christmas stint at Royal Mail, helping out with the extra mail--didn't
convince me that mail was much secured. Postmen can be blackmailed, bribed,
or succumb to other methods of attack. What's stopping someone working in
the postal system from simply corruptly sending data to outside the EU?


Mark F

P. S. I have an idea about how public-private key encryption can be used
for detecting forged physical currency. But I suppose this is probably the
wrong forum for such things?
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